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About Dr. James Gorman

I was always going to be a dentist ever since I was a child. I had buck teeth and was an easy target for being picked on. I was 1 of 6 kids in my family, and luckily my parents were able to get me braces. It totally changed my life! It transformed something horrible into something wonderful and gave me confidence! To this day I love my beautiful smile. I knew right then I was going to work hard and do whatever it took to be a dentist and help people have healthy teeth! I bagged groceries and worked Summers in Disney World to work my way through Emory University, consistently ranked in the top 1% of colleges in the nation. Now I’ve been lucky enough to be helping people improve their dental health for over 25 years. The greatest compliment I receive from my patients is that they can tell I really care for them, and they trust me. They appreciate me explaining everything I am doing and my attention to detail, while making them comfortable through the whole appointment. I have spent hundreds of hours over the years in continuing education to keep my skills up to date and use the modern technologies available. I had a successful private practice in a highrise in Atlanta where I was the team dentist for The Atlanta Beat, the Women’s Professional Soccer League. I moved here and have been practicing dentistry in the desert since 2017. I look forward to meeting you and building a relationship together to achieve optimum dental health for a lifetime!

Get the smile of your dreams!