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Improve Your Smile through Dental Bonding

Mountainside Dental Group is the premier dental services provider for patients in Yucaipa, CA and La Quinta, CA, and the surrounding area. We are committed to helping each of our patients achieve a smile of which they can be proud of using proven general and cosmetic dentistry techniques. Among the most efficient methods to improve the appearance of your smile is dental bonding. Our professionals offer expert dental bonding services so that you can regain the confidence to smile, laugh, and eat in public. If you need a solution for your discolored or misshapen teeth, call us today to ask about dental bonding.

Dental Bonding in Yucaipa, CA

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a simple cosmetic procedure that can improve the appearance of your smile. It involves applying composite resin to the surface of one’s tooth to repair discolorations and shape discrepancies. Many of our patients in Yucaipa, CA and La Quinta, CA opt for this solution because it is less invasive than dental veneers or crowns, and it requires no anesthesia. Furthermore, we will have to remove only minimal tooth enamel during the process.

Determining Whether You Should Get Dental Bonding

Our patients are thrilled with the results of their tooth bonding, and we are confident you will be, too. If you want to repair an imperfection in your smile but do not want to hassle with multiple appointments and expensive procedures, dental bonding may be right for you. Schedule a consultation with the experts at Mountainside Dental Group to learn about the process and whether you qualify. Candidates for dental bonding have good oral health and need only minor repairs. Dental bonding is an ideal solution for:

  • Improving the appearance of discolored teeth
  • Repairing chipped or cracked teeth
  • Closing small spaces between teeth
  • Changing the shape of teeth
  • Making teeth look longer
  • Protecting an exposed tooth root
  • Repairing decayed teeth

Benefits of Dental Bonding

The most obvious benefits of dental bonding will be in your appearance. What were once stained, misshapen teeth will now be bright and aesthetically appealing. But that is not the only reason our patients choose dental bonding. Among the other advantages of this procedure at Mountainside Dental Group are:

  • Cost-effectiveness – Dental bonding is one of the least expensive procedures for improving one’s smile.
  • Quick results – Crowns and veneers require multiple visits to our clinic, but dental bonding can be completed in just one.
  • Minimal invasiveness – We will not have to remove your teeth or perform complex procedures, so your dental bonding will be quick and easy.
Dentistry Chair with TV

Understanding the Dental Bonding Procedure

The dental bonding procedure is quick, safe, and effective. You will not need to complete extensive preparation tasks ahead of your appointment. In many instances, you will not even require anesthesia. Your dental bonding will only involve a numbing agent if we simultaneously fill a decayed tooth, drill to change your tooth’s shape, or correct a chip near a nerve. The extent of our preparation will typically be matching the shade of your existing teeth. After we have done that, we will commence the bonding process. This entails roughening the surface of your teeth and applying a conditioning liquid. We then apply the tooth-colored resin and mold it into your desired shape. We will expedite the drying process by exposing it to bright light. Once dry, we will further shape the material and polish it to match the rest of your tooth surface. This process can be completed in as little as a half-hour.

Caring for Your Bonded Teeth

How long your dental bonding lasts depends largely on your oral health habits. It is critical to give your bonded teeth the same care and attention you do your natural pearly whites. This includes regular brushing and flossing your teeth, as well as visiting Mountainside Dental Group for biannual checkups. The composite material is prone to staining, so we recommend avoiding stain-causing substances, such as coffee, red wine, and cigarettes. This is especially true in the first 48 hours after your dental bonding procedure. With proper care, your bonded teeth can last for up to 10 years before needing to be replaced or refinished.

Contact Mountainside Dental Group for Dental Bonding Today

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. As such, you should be happy to spread your cheer by flashing your pearly whites whenever appropriate. But if your teeth are discolored or misshapen, you may be hesitant to do so. Mountainside Dental Group can help. We offer dental bonding as an inexpensive alternative to veneers, crowns, and other cosmetic solutions. Our patients in Yucaipa, CA and La Quinta, CA can experience the joy of a bright, shiny smile after a simple, one-hour appointment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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