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Trusted General Dentistry in Yucaipa, CA and La Quinta, CA

You should see a dentist more often than when you have a toothache or when you crack a tooth. In fact, seeing a dentist for general dentistry and preventive care can actually help you avoid those types of problems and keep your teeth healthy for life. Mountainside Dental Group is a trusted general dentistry provider serving the Yucaipa, CA and La Quinta, CA and Redlands area, and he will provide the personalized attention you need to maintain strong teeth, healthy gums, and an overall beautiful smile.

General Dentistry at Mountainside Dental Care

Why do you need to see a dentist regularly?

You should see a general dentist for the same reason you would visit your primary care physician—for regular checkups. During these visits, you may not have any specific problems to bring to the attention of your dentist. However, your dentist will be able to spot early signs of trouble, such as the early indicators of gum disease, or address different questions you have about caring for your teeth or improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Over time, you may develop a rapport with your dentist, making it easier to talk about your care needs. Additionally, your dentist will develop an idea of your unique health and lifestyle factors, so your care will be tailored to your changing needs as you get older.

General Dentistry Services in Mountainside Dental Care

What services are included in general dentistry?

General dentistry covers a wide scope of services. Your visits may include the following:

  • You brush and floss your teeth daily, but this isn’t enough to clean stubborn plaque and tartar that can hide in hard-to-reach areas. That’s why you need professional cleanings at least two times per year.
  • Preventive exams. After the hygienist cleans your teeth, your dentist will perform an exam, which may involve taking X-rays to see the roots of your teeth and jawbone. While looking in your mouth, the dentist will check for potential signs of tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, and other conditions that require prompt treatment.
  • Dental sealants can be beneficial for both kids and adults. They help fill in the gaps on chewing surfaces of the teeth, making it harder for plaque to form in these jagged areas.
  • Patient-centered recommendations. When you see the dentist, you will get personalized recommendations for cleaning and maintaining your smile at home. Your dentist can provide advice on what type of toothpaste to use, how to floss, and how to prevent damage to your teeth while you sleep.

Contact our experts to learn more

For the complete dental care you need in Yucaipa, CA and La Quinta, CA call Mountainside Dental Group at (909) 797-1452. You can schedule an appointment with Mountainside Dental Group for a routine checkup, dental cleaning, and more.

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