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We Handle Tooth Extraction with Care

No one ever wants to have a tooth extracted, but when the time comes you should feel confident in your dentist’s abilities. It’s part of being responsible for your dental health and being prepared. Mountainside Dental Group will let you know if you need a tooth extraction, and what to expect during your procedure.

What to Expect from a Tooth Extraction

Your specific tooth extraction may vary depending on if you need a surgical extraction. In general though, the process will entail:

  • Consultation – You will have the opportunity to sit down with your dentist and ask questions. Your dentist will walk you through the process in detail, including steps to prepare for the procedure and what to do afterwards.
  • Anesthetic – All extraction patients receive anesthesia to numb the area. This ensures minimal discomfort during extraction.
  • Extraction – Once we have confirmed that you are properly anesthetized, the tooth is loosened with a special tool called a dental elevator and extracted from the socket.
  • Closing – The surgical area is closed with stitches. Special clotting agents may also be placed on the gums to speed healing.
Tooth Extraction Services in Yucaipa, CA

When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

There are many reasons why someone may need a tooth extraction. You may need a tooth extraction if there is a danger of tooth abscess, cysts damaging the jaw bone, damage to other teeth, disrupting tooth alignment, inflamed gums, or impacted wisdom teeth.

Need for Tooth Extractions

Your level of need may be as simple as an extraction or you may need multiple teeth extracted at once. Many people need to have their wisdom teeth extracted at some point as well. The best way to determine your level of need is to speak with your dentist.

The Extraction Process

The extraction process will vary depending on what type of extraction is needed. In general, tooth extractions fall under two categories:

  • Simple Extractions – Simple extractions are the most routine. They are employed when the tooth to be removed is fully erupted and can be seen in the mouth.
  • Surgical Extractions – Surgical extractions are more involved. They are needed when the tooth to be removed has not yet fully erupted and/or not yet broken through the gum line.

What Happens After a Tooth Extraction

After the extraction is complete, you will need to take care of the extraction site properly. Here are some of the things you should do after a tooth extraction.

  • Careful Brushing – You still need to brush and floss after an extraction, but be careful to avoid the affected area.
  • Painkillers – You will be prescribed painkillers, as the extraction site will be very sore.
  • Rest – You should rest for one full day after a tooth extraction and limit your physical activity for up to two days.
  • Salt Water Rinse – A day after the extraction, you should rinse your mouth with a salt water solution.
  • Careful Sleeping – For the first few nights after an extraction, you should try to sleep with your head propped up to prevent bleeding.
  • Careful Eating – After a tooth extraction, it is recommended that you eat foods you don’t have to chew. Foods like yogurt, mashed potatoes, and soup are ideal.

The Best Choice for Tooth Extraction in Yucaipa, CA and La Quinta, CA

Here at Mountainside Dental, we want you to have a comfortable tooth extraction. Tooth extractions can be stressful, but your procedure will be handled by a skilled, caring professional. Schedule a consultation with us today!

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