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Visit Us for Outstanding Orthodontic Care

Are you wondering about the benefits of braces for teeth? Perhaps you already have experience with the orthodontist, but you’ve just moved to the La Quinta and Yucaipa, CA area. No matter your circumstances, Mountainside Dental Group will be glad to meet you! Our dentist and team of hygienists will work with you to find the ideal orthodontic solution for your smile. We’re always scheduling new appointments, and our team will help you decide between traditional braces, Invisalign®, or another treatment.

Dental Services in Yucaipa, CA and La Quinta, CA

What Is an Orthodontist?

Orthodontists specialize in all kinds of jaw irregularities, including crooked teeth and crowded teeth. These dentists are trained to fit devices such as retainers, dentures, and dental braces.

Benefits of Straightening Your Teeth

While crooked teeth may seem like a purely aesthetic concern, straightening them has many more benefits than the obvious improved appearance. Straightened teeth can result in increased confidence, but they can also mean fewer cavities and less risk of more severe issues. After all, straight teeth are easier to brush and take care of than a crooked smile.

Choose from Many Teeth Straightening Options

So, you’ve decided it’s time to straighten those teeth. Fortunately, you have lots of options at Mountainside Dental Group. Our team will tell you about all the different types of braces and recommend the best orthodontic solution. Explore the numerous teeth straightening options:

  • Children’s Orthodontics: Our seasoned team offers braces for kids, as well as a range of other services for patients 18 and younger.
  • Braces for Adults: Braces aren’t just for children! Ask us about discreet adult braces.
  • Traditional Metal Braces: You can’t go wrong with traditional metal braces. We’ll explain the benefits of this orthodontic treatment.
  • Invisalign®: Invisalign® clear aligners are an excellent choice if you don’t like the look of metal braces. We provide this service at our Yucaipa and La Quinta location as well.
  • Clear Braces: Invisible braces are becoming more and more popular with patients of all ages. We’ll let you know if clear braces are the right choice for you.
  • Lingual Braces: Lingual braces work the same way as traditional metal braces, but instead, they’re attached to the back of your teeth. Get all the benefits of metal braces without the clunky appearance!

Offering Affordable Services for All Ages

Dental braces are well known for being expensive, but the cost shouldn’t make you shy away from seeing your dentist. At Mountainside Dental Group, we’re dedicated to providing several financing methods so you can get the orthodontic care you need. We accept cash, credit cards, checks, and a variety of insurance plans. If you’d like to take advantage of financing, please speak with a member of our staff.